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Schedule for the Week



American Airlines provides direct flights to Chihuahua (airport code CUU) from the United States. These flights originate in Dallas/Ft Worth (DFW). If you are starting from any airport other than DFW, you will need to connect through DFW airport.

Please leave at least two hours to connect at the DFW airport.

The flight information posted below is as of 04/13/2024.

While we prefer volunteers travel on American Airlines, Volaris Airlines also offers direct flights directly from both Denver (DEN) and Tijuana (TU). 

TO the Guerrero Clinic: Transportation is provided from the Chihuahua airport around the Sunday evening and Monday morning American Airlines flights. If you choose an alternate arrival flight, you should schedule your arrival prior to the flights that we organize ground transportation around. 

If you arrive on the Sunday night flight, you will stay with the group that night at a hotel in Chihuahua (cost is included in the volunteer fee). Transportation is provided from the hotel to the Guerrero Clinic on Monday morning.


If you arrive on the Monday morning flight, transportation is provided from the Chihuahua airport to the Guerrero Clinic.


The drive from the Chihuahua airport is 120 miles and takes about 2 ½ hours. The group stops for lunch (cost is included in the volunteer fee) on the way to Guerrero.

FROM the Guerrero Clinic: Volunteers leave the clinic Saturday late morning after all post operative patients are seen. Due to the Airlines’ schedules, there are no flights scheduled for late enough in the day that we can catch. Consequently, the group spends the afternoon and night in Chihuahua City and catch flights back to the United States on Sunday.

EXPLORING CHIHUAHUA: Saturday afternoon and evening are designated travel windows for exploring Chihuahua City. Volunteers have the option to go with the group and explore downtown. After a week of hard work and helping people, some volunteers opt to stay at the hotel and hang out at the pool, exercise, catch up on email, socialize or simply catch up on sleep. Dinner is generally low key and is included if you eat with the group.

CONNECTION TIME: If you are connecting through Dallas from another airport, allow a minimum of TWO HOURS of connection time. If you miss the flight to Chihuahua, the logistics of figuring out how to get you on another flight and to the clinic are difficult and may cost the volunteer additional money.

LUGGAGE: If you are checking luggage, remember that you must clear customs, re-check luggage, and most likely change terminals in Dallas (or Denver) on your return home.

Please email legible copies of your CURRENT MEDICAL LICENSE(S) and CV to if you are one of the following medical professionals: Physician, Optometrist, Surgeon, Dentist, CRNA, Nurse, NP, PA, PT or Pharmacist. 


Flights and Designated Connections

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